International Partnerships


AFF contributes to many cross-cultural projects and has become a resource for programmers worldwide. The AFF Network reflects this unique perspective on the film industry. AFF has been to Burkina Faso to scout FESPACO since 1993. In the mid-1990s the Bob Marley Foundation hosted the African Film Festival at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica. In 1996, AFF curated the film program of Africa: Art of a Continent, at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and, in 1997, went on to co-curate the African and African Diaspora Film Series for the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale. AFF has partnered with the Celebration of African Heritage to co-curate a pan-African film festival in Brazil as well as Africala in Mexico. As our reputation for quality programming grows, so does the community of individuals and organizations committed to cultural understanding. In 2007 AFF met with partners in Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Sudan, Brazil, St. Kitts and Nevins, as well as organizers from North Africa and the Middle East. In 2010, AFF curated a program of shorts in St. Petersburg, Russia, in collaboration with Message to Man Festival and with Imagem dos Povos in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In September 2011, AFF forged an ongoing partnership with Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. This festival shares the best and most exciting of African cinema, to stimulate discourse on issues rooted in the African experience.


Current and Recent Partnerships

Docubox  Nairobi, Kenya

DOCUBOX exists to enable talented, driven, focused and accountable East African artists to produce unique films that unearth new realities and cross trans-national boundaries. Through training, development and production grants, screenings for people who love documentary films, they promote East African filmmakers and share their unique stories with the world through creative documentary.

Docubox, Nairobi, Kenya. 2015


Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival – Lagos, Nigeria

Lights, Camera, Africa!!! film festival showcases the brightest ideas in African cinema. It promotes filmmaking talent from within Africa—especially works from Nigerian filmmakers.

Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria. 2011
Lights, Camera, Africa!!! Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria. 2011


Message to Man Festival – St. Petersburg, Russia

Message to Man Festival was founded to emphasize the important role of non-feature films in the cultural life of Russia and to allow national documentary filmmakers to become more familiar with the world of international cinema.


Imagem dos Povos – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Imagem dos Povos is an iternational festival focused on cultural diversity and strengthening production networks and audiovisual distribution.


Africala – Mexico

AFRICALA (Africa in Latin America) was born as the first African film festival in Latin America in Mexico City in 2007, with the intention of promoting contemporary cinema of the African continent in all Spanish-speaking countries. While Latin America has a large African descent and a large diaspora, little is known of the continent’s culture and even less about her films. Like Latin America, the African continent has the need to break the stereotypes that were created throughout history and cinema is a great tool to achieve it.


Past Partnerships

Semana Boabab – Mexico City, Mexico

The Baobab Week is a festival of African culture that seeks to celebrate our mother land Africa through different artistic expressions and contemporary photojournalism, painting, music, cinema, food tasting, among other activities, to break with the false stereotypes of Africa and its people.


Semana Boabab (Boabab Week), Mexico City, Mexico. 2008
Semana Boabab (Boabab Week), Mexico City, Mexico. 2008


Bob Marley Foundation (now the Rita Marley Foundation) – Kingston, Jamaica

The aim of the Bob Marley Foundation in Jamaica is to support local communities where the need for charitable assistance is greatest. The Foundation, founded in 1986, has contributed financial, cultural and other resources to various communities and organizations in Jamaica. Our intent and motivation is to fulfill the vision of the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley O.M. while reaching those in need through love and brotherhood.


Lights on Africa: A Program of African Film – New York, USA

Supplementing the exhibitions Africa: The Art of a Continent and In/sight: African Photographers, 1940 to the Present, the series focused on contemporary African issues and their treatment in the medium of film. Lights on Africa: A Program of African Film was organized by Manon Slome of the Guggenheim Museum in consultation with Mahen Bonetti of African Film Festival Inc. and with the support of Manthia Diawara, Chairman of the Department of African Studies, New York University.


African Diaspora Film Series – 2nd Johannesburg Biennale – Johannesburg, South Africa

After the years of isolation as a consequence of the apartheid system, the Biennale of Johannesburg was meant to restore the dialog between South Africa and the international art scene.